Favourite Ice Nodes in a handy right click menu

Hey there,

while quite frequently using the ‘ice port explorer’ of Ciaran Moloney I wanted to get faster acess to some nodes I very often use like ‘get data’, ‘set data’ and so on.

so I implemented a right click menu that is populated with the items you have in your favourites in the ice view.

download it the addon here

You need to right click into the empty space of a node or compound and chose a node that appears.

The List can even be reordered if you open the xml file you find under userPath….\Data\Preferences\PresetManagerFavorites.xml).


Softimage should be closed if you do this, as the list will be resaved when you close softimage and the new order wount be taken into account. 😉

hope you like it.


P.s. It’s a shame there is no anchor point in the softimage sdk to get the current mouse position in the ice view. That is why the new nodes get dropped close to the green execute node. Still helpful in my opinion for little trees and in compounds.