Uhh, u missed my faceI am 3D Generalist with a strong focus on modeling, rigging and the technical side of things. I moved to the Realtime Graphic World a while ago and Use Unity 3d and Ventuz .  Beeing facinated by the tech development the recent years I have a passion for augmented Reality and the possibilities that come with it.

I also like to optimize and automate repeating tasks and therefore know my way around in C#,Python and Jsript and even know Sql.  My main Tools are Softimage Xsi, Redshift Renderer and Zbrush, but I’m also familiar with Cinema4d, Maya and Modo.

For painting and making things pretty Affinity Photo and the Substance package are my weapons against visual boredom.

Having worked for different studios over several years, I had the chance to contribute on numerous animations for commercials, tv and movies.

Additional skills range from software packages like Nuke, Digital Fusion, Aftereffects, and Premiere,

Contact me at:
email  : christian@buntepixel.eu
phone: +49 163 1753410
skype : buntepixel
linked in