Ventuz Remoting for Android and IOS


while I’m on it today, there is another app I finished but that’s a piece from work.

We wanted a way to control Ventuz on a Mobile device for things like colour corrections in front of led Walls and general remoting.

Since remoting 4 is based on the .Net core 4 and Unitys own mono is on 2 there is no way to use it.

I had to implement a wrapper based on ventuzes own version of OSC and get the remoting going. It’s limited to our use-cases atm. but could be extended if needed.

if you’re interested your can get it on google play.


P.s. and if your think that’s obsolete now that unity soon is on .NET 4 you’re mistaken. Remoting4 still doesn’t work, but for why, you are to find out yourself. 😉