Vray to Redshift conversion

recently I wanted to convert a scene we did at aixsponza to redshift.
It’s a big city scene with 8k textures and stuff, so pretty big and an ideal candidate for a stress test.
The only problem were the about 250+ materials in the scene.  After starting doing it by hand I made a python exercise out of it and wrote a nice script with some python modules and packaged it into an Addon.
Generally all the libraries and materials get duplicated with a RS_ prefix and assigned to the objects or clusters they were assigned before
so if something unexpected happend you will be able to fix it.
the scrip currently only supports:
Vray materials and connected bumpmaps
(if there are more then one,the first one gets reconnected and the others are left in the tree)
light materials
blend materials

To some extent Fresnel textures when used as a blend in a blend material in the first blend slot.
stuff like volume fog or displacements get unplugged and left in the shader tree.

this is the result.

Happy conversion