3d work
Another Redshift test


Redshift 3d test

 Post Austria!

I did the 3d Set supervision, modeling, Light/Shading, Rendering.

Client: Post Austria
Agency:DDFG/Christian List
Production Company: mel p filmproductions
PostProduktion: Satisfiction Media GmbH
Director: Christian List
Camera: Nikolai v. Gräventiz
3d Artists: Christoph Schinko, Christian Freisleder
Compositing: Rainer Strzygowski

Quick an dirty test!

Modelling, Fursetup and Rigging by me.
Design: Jürgen Richter


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Kia No° 3

This Spot was done for the 2009 Geneva Auto Show. I was Responsible for all the 3d Tracking and also did the machmoving in a couple of shots. As the car is real but all the environment is 3d we had to 3d track all the shots to get our Virtual Camera. After machmoving a dummy car onto the real footage we had a Reflections pass for the composition and the Car nicely fits into the world.

[media id=3]

Kia Soul Projekt

This was quite fun to do! My responsibilities were all the 3d bg elements and a little Model cleaning on the Cars.
The biggest work although, was the eagle that’s following the last car called “searcher”.
Made loads of other 3d stuff that didn’t make it into the movie as it proofed to be quite hard to mix the 3d with all the 2d flat elements.
[media id=2]

TTR Trailer

That’s the Trailer we made for the TTR Snowboardseries. I did all the 3d Elements (except the modeling and animation of the bear). The fur setup was quite challenging, but I learned a big deal about fur, and the result is not quite “the golden Compass” but still pretty good I’d say.
Also did 2 out of 3 of the mattepaintings.

Chris did a marvelous job on the compositing, that makes it the final Movie like high quality look.
[media id=1]