Rigging the 5 eyed monster

just found another one I’ve been working on for liga 01. I rigged the 5 eyed monster in this spot. The eyes where a challenge as the corner didn’t close in the middle of the …

Braun TexStyle 7

Finally Woodblock released this little piece I helped doing over a year ago.
I was responsible for some cloth simulation especially the caressing sleve at the end ;).
Rendered with Arnold

Windows 8

just switched to window 8 and used the super cheap update offer. Definitely worth it. The tiles are clever and helpful, the desktop is just a shortcut away and after a clean install even the …


hey there,
just transfered the old text of my home section to this brand new site. Due to the fact of the old site beeing rather static, there wasn’t too much there anyways.
This is all about …

old site text

25th April 07
uhh, nothing happened for a long time on this page. Added the fashion-pirates link. It’s planned to become a spreadshirt shop with really cool prints. Even finished the Logo, only took me ähhhhhh …