Multi RenderChannel Mia and Carpaint Material


did some scripting work on a recent job and the Output was a Renderchannel support for the (not so new anymore) Mental Ray Materials. It’s basicly a rendertree compound with the logic of the Shader implemented that it’s got inside.

So what’s the trick you might ask? The trick is that it supports the Renderchannels in Softimage. You get all the passes needed for composeting all in one go. I think that’s awesome and feels almost the same as using the standart Mia and Carpaint Shader.

The only limitation is the fact that you can’t plug a texture coordinate in the Anisotrophy channel of the mia material.

UPDATE: Due to the fact that the Mental Ray Mia_Multiouputmaterial does have a bug! The Refractive End Color doesn’t change It’s color in the refractive channel.

Courious?  Then download it HERE