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25th April 07

uhh, nothing happened for a long time on this page. Added the fashion-pirates link. It’s planned to become a spreadshirt shop with really cool prints. Even finished the Logo, only took me ähhhhhh about 2 Months. Lazy me 😉

23rd September 06

Just added a new picture to the paintings gallery. With all those fashion weeks all over the world recently I got inspired. Have a look at the “Fashion Pirate” on the Paintings Gallery (page 2).

21st August 06


I didn’t believe it myself at the end, but after being the owner of the buntepixel.eu domain for like 3 months now I finally put my website online. It took me 5 redesigns and a lot of time to get the final layout. A layout I would like for more than one day. I also have to say thank you to my friend Laszlo who was patient enough to help me out with all the questions I had, and especially for fixing the description script.
Anyway, the plan is to constantly update the galleries and maybe add an additional gallery of photos I did. That’s the plan at least and maybe it actually works.

Enjoy the visit to my site!

Happy days