Update Time

I digged up an addon that I’ve done about a year ago. At that time it didn’t quite meet production requirements. Now knowing the flaws of the tools I changed some bits and pieces and I think they’re ready now.

The Addon contains of 2 scripts at the moment. The cf_Save is basically an alternate “Save As” command that encourages people to keep a neat and tidy filestructure and naming convention that increments itself. The other is a tool to easily setup render channels in passes. The parameters should be quite self explanatory, but if you want to change stuff in the script or are not quite sure what something does, there is a documentation pdf in the root of the Addon directory.

download the addon here.

Feel free to download, use and modify them as you like, but if so, please send me a copy. Please note, that I will not provide any suppoet nor take any responsibility for what happens while using any of the tools. Use at your own risk!

If you find bugs or have recomendations feel free to drop me an email and I might have time to look into it

Happy Days