Ventuz Remoting for Android and IOS

while I’m on it today, there is another app I finished but that’s a piece from work.
We wanted a way to control Ventuz on a Mobile device for things like colour corrections in front of …

Olympus Air One

Hello there,
I’ve had busy evenings getting my first Android app going. I bought a “Olympus Air one” a while ago, but never have been satisfied with the factory app.
I was missing time-lapse and exposure Bracketing. …

Rigging the 5 eyed monster

just found another one I’ve been working on for liga 01. I rigged the 5 eyed monster in this spot. The eyes where a challenge as the corner didn’t close in the middle of the …

Braun TexStyle 7

Finally Woodblock released this little piece I helped doing over a year ago.
I was responsible for some cloth simulation especially the caressing sleve at the end ;).
Rendered with Arnold


Hey there,
just installed Houdini apprentice, and watched my first tutorial.
I now consider myself a Houdini apprentice 🙂
I very much like what I saw there and It’s not as complicated as I imagined.
So Softimage getting killed …