cf_Filemanagement 1.6 released

Hey folks,

constantly improving and updating the .addon as a few People work with it. In this release there are some minor bugfixes and improvements.
The most requested feature, ability to use it with existing Scenes is implemented!
Previously if you used cf_Save with an existing Scene, mostly nothing happened as in the background the script threw an error and stopped executing.
Now a information pops up that the formatting of the scene name isn’t correct and after pressing ok you get the usual dialogue box where your old scene name is in the “ShotName” field.

I also changed Names to Shot and Scene instead of SceneNameAddition.
And for those that didn’t trust the incremention of the Versioning! Now if you try to save for any reason over an existing Scene a warning Dialogue pops up just as it happens with the “Save As” command.

Download here or at the Download Area.

As always Documentation is in the addon directory and no liability if things don’t go as expected.
Use at your own risk.